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God used this organization to help me finally become truly free from the sins of my past, which in turn changed the trajectory of my life.  They have numerous groups and classes to help women to heal from different types of traumas and grief.  If you are ready for the true freedom that I and so many women have experienced, click the button below.

I was inspired to create this playlist while I was working through past traumatic events. There is something for everyone on here and I pray that it helps you as much as it did for me. 

I love Lindsay at Find Wondrous Things because she creates beautiful and fun accents that can be used to enhance God's already amazing Word. Click the link below to find out what I am talking about.

Polly at Horacio Printing creates materials to help women become organized through planners, journals, pens, etc.  Click the link below and discover her amazing tools.

I love all of the Bible Studies and additional resources that the Daily Grace Co provides to help men and women start and stay in the Word of God! Click below to add some great products to your study basket!
I discovered Allison Loveall on Instagram and absolutely fell in love with her designs! She has stickers, Bible covers, notebooks and so many other products to add to your Bible study! Click below to shop for yourself or someone in your life!
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