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  • Gina Fox

Your Hospitality Personality-Morgan Tyree

This book is such an encouragement for each person, whether you consider yourself hospitable or not. As you read this book, you will discover more about yourself and those around you. Morgan starts out by having the reader take a hospitality personality test so they can discover their type. Then she spends the next 15 chapters describing how each personality is in each situation, who they are around and how to overcome their issues when it comes to hosting. She also had different people give their tested ideas to help the reader.

This book is a very interesting, eye opening and quick read. It is interactive with the reader and will cause them to think and analyze how to be there for those around them. One line from her book that will hit home with a lot of readers is, “Expectations can often inhibit potential intimacy” (pg. 87). I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to best serve the people who are in their lives and the ones to come.


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