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  • Gina Fox

Well, That Was Fast!

6 months! How is it that this ministry has been around for 6 months already?! I am so grateful for every door that has been opened and for every person who has been touched by this ministry. Anchored by the Sword was not even a thought in my mind at the beginning of this year. Who would have thought one decision to finally get free would have come to this...God did. He knows how I feel unsure and unsteady about what is next, but He reminds me daily that my feelings do not dictate my responses or what He is going to do.

Only He would have planned for us to become 6 months old on the biggest day of the year, election day! The day in which the US is divided between candidates is the day for Christians to rise up and stick together. To become more anchored to God and to His Word. To know no matter what happens in the election, Jesus is still on the throne!

God, I thank you for this journey. I pray I will have the opportunity to serve You with each and every breath, thought and deed until the day You call me home. I thank You for guiding each step and grace for when I don't fall into step with You. I pray this for everyone who reads these words as well. In Jesus's name, Amen!


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