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  • Gina Fox

Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer

This book is so powerful! Sarah reminds the reader why the word meditation is not a bad word in the Christian language. On page 19 she writes, “Our times of meditation are not only mental exercises; they are also an invitation to share our hearts with God as we focus on Him and cry out in honesty.” She continues on the same page by reminding the reader, “When we make God’s character, laws, promises and works our focus, we engage in Christian meditation.”

At the end of each chapter, she gives the reader additional meditation verses, prayers and reflection questions to dive in deeper. I believe that this will be a powerful resource for the reader to keep going back to for reminders on how to focus, especially when times are tough. I recommend it to anyone who has or know someone who has struggles with their thought life and with keeping it focused on the wrong things.


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