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Thoughts about NY

I have not really spoken up about this abortion issue in NY. Obviously I disagree with it and am devastated by this news. I needed sometime to step back and not write any angry post. Before I go on, I believe in the redemption power of Jesus. I believe that no sin is greater in God’s eyes. I believe that if you have abortion as part of your story, that God can forgive you and guide you to forgive yourself.

I listened to a song tonight by Phil King called “Not Forgotten.” It is beautifully written about the real victims in this tragedy, the babies. They never had a chance to do anything in this world, but that is what will cause people to wake up. To be able to abort a baby at the last second is murder. I don’t care about the angle or about how you can explain it, it’s murder. If someone can be charged with 2 murders when they kill a pregnant woman, then this is murder.

I used to see things differently when I was a teenager. But after watching what happens during an abortion and going through infertility with no baby as the outcome, I feel completely different. I see that every life is precious. You are that close to giving birth, just finish and then give the baby up for adoption. Someone will love that baby, that baby will become somebody. Maybe the person to stop this from happening.

I know this post is long and it may cause some people to unfriend me, but that is okay. My job is to stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves. To give a voice to the ones who will never get to use theirs. I will stand up for what I believe to be true. God made each of us in His hands. He knows every part of us before we are born. God wake us up to speak up for what hurts your heart.


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