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  • Gina Fox

The Struggle is Real Bible Study-Misty Phillip

This Bible study is so good! Misty does a great job of relating to the reader by using real stories, encouraging words, Scripture and some powerful declarations. This study is down to earth and easy to follow. I would encourage anyone who had gone through or is going through a struggle to do this study so that they know they are not alone. It is a 6-week study which is a perfect length for anyone who is new to Bible study.

I love just how relatable this study is. It is a call to arms to stand up and fight the one who is coming after what God has in store for us. She reminds us that we are overcomers because of Jesus and that we don’t have to fear stand in the way. She reminds us that God will use all of us for His specific design and purpose and that it is good. Go through this study and you will be ready to fight every battle in your way!!!


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