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  • Gina Fox

The Promise of His Presence: Why God is Always Enough

I found my situations in this book. I feel as though Glenna was reading my thoughts and feelings. Struggling with infertility while everyone else was having children made me question if God was even good or just why. Why her and not me? Why did I get not one, but 2 diseases that took away my chances to ever get pregnant. I came to a point many years later where I had to realize that God is enough and He does love me. He is never going to leave me and He never will leave you.

Reading this book was a huge blessing. To read the realness of Glenna’s story will reasonate with everyone who reads this book. She speaks to the heart and the mind of the reader. Hearing the heartbreak and redemption of her story will encourage every person to remember that God is always there and will never leave them. I recommend this book to every woman who needs to remember that. Also for anyone who has a woman in there lives who has experienced deep loss and is struggling to find their way.


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