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  • Gina Fox

The Middle Matters-Lisa Jo Baker

I was so excited back in the spring when I found out that I was on the launch team for Lisa Jo Baker’s newest book. I turned 40 this year and am in the middle of many things in my life. I began an introspective look at my life in the spring. I realized just how amazing being in the middle really is. This is what Lisa Jo writes about in her collection of essays. She even had one about turning 40! I believe that every woman will find themselves in this book in one essay or in many of them. Her vulnerability and realness makes it easy for I love this collection of essays by Lisa Jo! This book is real and authentic. The way she tells her story makes it so easy for the reader to see herself in them. Lisa Jo has the ability to reach women right where they are. She talks about family, faith, friendships and the middle of life. I believe that every woman will find and relate to something in this book. This is definitely a book I recommend for people to get for the women in their lives. Go out and get it today!!!


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