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#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff

This book is filled with so much wisdom, Scripture and spice. Bianca is not afraid to say it like it is, and doing it in love. She speaks to every woman, no matter the stage of life they are in. This is why I recommend it to every woman who wants to hear motivation bathed in Scripture and who wants to see changes in their lives.

There are so many great takeaways from this book. Below is just a couple of them.

“Act boldly in the face of fear, know who you are, be hungry and humble. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to go after what you want”(pg. 163).

“Your story could be the key to unlock someone else’s prison” (pg. 211).

Above is my review of Bianca’s most recent book, How to Have Your Life Not Suck. Here’s the rest of the story. I first heard of Bianca around 2016. Then I found out she was coming to Faith Family Church in North Canton, OH. I went by myself to the event with her book in hand to have her sign. She is so sweet, approachable and real that I blurted out a real issue that I still deal with, my weight. At that time, it was the issue on the forefront of my mind. I was so self conscious that I bugged her to take multiple pics because that is how much I hated the way I looked. But when I walked away, I read what she wrote in my book. She wrote, “You are not a 37 year old obese woman! You are a CHILD OF GOD. Love you!” At first I was like, “why did I open my mouth, now that’s there forever.” But as the years have gone on and my confidence in who I am in Christ has grown, I realize just how much of a blessing these words were and continue to be. She met me where I was and called something out of me. God used her to call me forward. To look at Him and to truly believe those words. It took awhile for those words to sink into my spirit, but 3 years later, I finally feel as though I am walking in the path He has set before me with so much more to come.

So yes, I was on her launch team and yes I am doing a review, but I wanted to do all of this because of how God used her to stop worrying about what others thought of me and to walk in the calling He has placed on my life.

Thank you Bianca! And I highly recommend both of these books for every woman who wants to discover what it truly means to be a daughter of God!


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