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  • Gina Fox

Made Like Martha by Katie M Reid

Before I picked up this book, I always assumed I was more like Mary than Martha. I always thought I was the laid back one and not the go getter. But as I read through the book, I realized I was wrong. This book really opened my eyes to the ways that I am a modern day Martha. I spend time thriving and not knowing how to receive. This is so me it is crazy! I love this book. I recommend it for every woman to understand that being Martha is not a bad thing, as some people feel, but that it is the way God created us. There are so many good stories and examples of modern day Marthas. You won’t regret reading this book!!! Thank you Katie for stepping out and showing us how important it is to not shame ourselves for how we are made. You let us know that it’s ok and that we need to learn how to receive everything that Jesus has given us!!!!


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