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  • Gina Fox

I’m Waiting God Bible Study-Barb Roose

This is a great study that every woman can relate to. We are always waiting on something! Barb takes the readers through the Bible stories of Hannah, Ruth, Martha and the unnamed bleeding woman. She reminds us that although things may not come to pass right away, that we need to continue to keep focused on God and the blessings and promises that He has given to each of us. I recommend this book to study leaders and to individuals who want to learn how to make the most of their “waiting room” times and how not to let discouragement bring us down.

Barb is a friend of mine. She has encouraged me through one of the toughest times in my marriage and has also encouraged me to follow what God is calling me to do. I am so thankful that she has chosen to share parts of her story and being in Biblical examples that have encouraged me and I know will do the same for others.


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