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Freedom!-Jennifer Renee Watson

I feel like Jennifer would be an amazing life coach for me! Someone who acknowledges all the crap that I have been through and then encourages me to push past to see what God is using it for. God doesn’t want us in bondage people! Not to people, our pasts or anything! Let that sink in and run to get your copy of this book!

This book is amazing! Jennifer makes you feel as though you are sitting across the table from her having a conversation over coffee. She is real, raw and doesn’t hold back. She encourages the reader to no longer live in their brokenness and move through their breakthrough. She is encouraging and straight to the point. She writes in the same way she would speak. I recommend this book for every woman who needs to bust through their brokenness into their breakthrough and live the life God has for them. “You are worth fighting for, and worth the effort it takes to push past opposition and doubt for the gutsy breakthrough ahead” (pg. 49).

Let the words of this book and the Scriptures that she uses work on your heart and mind to discover your true breakthrough and freedom!! #gutsygirl


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