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  • Gina Fox

Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review

This is pamphlet style book that goes into the topic of bridging the gap between people groups in the church.  She discusses how the body of Christ is about the whole and not just the individual.

On page 42, Kai states, “Understanding we are a body keeps us from staying in a posture of better-than or leading with ego.  We must see dignity and honor in every person we come in contact with. We have to confront our prejudices and inherited stereotypes that keep us from knowing people who are not like us culturally, but serve the God we serve.”

This book is a short read (only 74 pages) and will challenge the reader to look at themselves and their own beliefs.  I recommend this book for anyone who wants to discover more about diversity in their church and how they can help to encourage diversity.  I received an advanced reader copy from the author and have given my honest review.


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