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  • Gina Fox

Boy Mom-Monica Swanson

Wow is all I have to say! There is so much information packed into 228 pages! There are scenarios to learn from, lessons to be learned, growth to occur, situations to handle, and advice for the person who is doing life with boys. It is research-based, Bible based and experience based. This book can be a game changer!

This book is the ultimate handbook for anyone who has an influence on boys. As an aunt to 5, I learned so much about how I should be presently myself and what I should be doing to help my boys become amazing God-loving men. I will definitely keep this book in my arsenal to pull out whenever I have questions or a situation arises. I really do recommend this book to every single person, not just a mom, who has boys that they are responsible in one way or another! I received an early release copy from Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review.


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