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  • Gina Fox

Battle Ready Book

“Full of God, our heart becomes fully loaded with every good thing we need to fight our fight” pg 87

Kelly’s passion to see women ready for battle is evident on each page. She wants each woman to understand who she is in Christ. The goal throughout this book is to come into the realization of the power we as women have in God’s plan. She goes through the twelve mind-sets of a warrior and uses words that end in -ity to do so. She starts with Possibility and ends with Impossibility. This may sound like a complete circle, but it completely works! I definitely recommend this book for the woman who is ready to take the next step in her walk with God, who is ready to understand her role in the overall fight and how to overcome all of the negativity that they have allowed others to fill her mind with. Women will learn how to rise up and live in the victory that was given through Jesus.

If you are ready to stand up, take up your sword and fight against the enemy, this book will help you to push past everything you don’t believe in yourself. Women, you are God’s chosen. It is time to rise up and go! Don’t let others’ opinions or words hold you back! They don’t have control anymore!


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