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This is the second book on a series written by Jill Eileen Smith. She looks at the stories of 12 women in the Old Testament. Some of the women who are discussed are not ones that are not always looked at in other studies. Each chapter contains 4-5 sections to read, one “ponder this” section and then a set of questions for the reader to answer about the chapter. This is a different, yet interesting way to look at the stories of theses amazing women. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in diving deeper into the grace, courage and strength of these 12 women.

This book is definitely one that is needed right now! Most of us are at an in-between place. Kat does an amazing job of bringing the story of the Samaritan woman for a present day woman to relate to. Kat takes the readers through making peace with their pasts, finding hope in the present and stepping confidently into their futures. She also does a summary at the end of the three sections with some vital takeaways. This book will speak to the hearts and minds of every woman who picks it up. I recommend it for every woman who needs to move on and move forward into what God has for them.

  1. This is a very in-depth study Bible for lovers of the New Living Translation. The beginning of each book contains information about the setting, maps of the area discussed along with other Biblical verse references, an outline, timeline and summary of the book, authorship,composition, literary characters and the message. This is all before you even start with verse one.

  2. I included three pictures of inside the Bible so everyone can see how much information is packed into this Bible. One of my favorite things is that the words of Jesus are in red.

I highly recommend this Bible for everyone to add to their collection. I received the Large print version, which I believe is the perfect font. The only con is that it is a little heavy so carrying it to and from church may not be an option for some people. Definitely check out this Bible for scholar, casual, and new reader of the Bible. The language and the information given will make it easier to understand at any level. I received a copy of this Bible from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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