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This week has been one that I have been looking forward to with anticipation and great sorrow. I am 39 years old and will never have a biological child. Even though I had the hysterectomy 4 years ago, removing my ovaries on Monday made it official. This whole process started over 27 years ago when I began to get cysts. They were quite painful at times. I was on birth control pills for 12 years to control the pain. Then they found out I. 2004 that I had a blood disorder and needed to come off of them. The pain started back up and I never became pregnant. When Matthew and I started going through infertility treatments, we found out that I had endometriosis. I also found out that I had a second blood disorder. We went through a round of clomid, injection and ultrasounds and did not get pregnant. I had numerous d&cs during this time to clean up the endometriosis. Finally in 2013, I had a uterine ablation. That controlled my pain for about 6 months. Then in April 2014, I had a partial hysterectomy. When they did the culture, they found out I had adenomysosis and that is why I was having so much pain. About a year or so ago, I began to start having severe ovarian pain. I had an ultrasound done and there turned out to be a complex cyst on my right ovary that was larger than a normal ovary. I saw my doctor and we decided that the best course of action was to have them removed. That is where Monday comes in.

I knew that I would not have any biological children after the hysterectomy because of beliefs that my husband holds. But this made it official. I will be so glad that the pain is gone. There is also a part of me that mourns what I will never get to experience. I will never get to feel what it is like to grow a child. I will never feel any of the joys and hardships of pregnancy and delivery. That is the part that really sucks. But I know that God has given me this story to help other women who may be in the same place. I can overcome this mountain. If God is for me, who can be against me.

I have seen the beautiful community that has come around me both online and in person. Please know that I thank God each and everyday for you. Let my story remind you that we all have beautiful children around us that we can be a positive influence for and that you can make it through!

I loved everything about this book! It is definitely one I will re-read multiple times in my life. Tracie delivers a powerful message through a real mess. This book brought back the joy in my life when I was going through a rough time. Recommend this for everyone who has ever gone through rough times, is going through a rough time, or will go through a rough time. Cover to cover is full of nuggets that you can hold onto and keep in places where it can give you constant encouragement.

“Full of God, our heart becomes fully loaded with every good thing we need to fight our fight” pg 87

Kelly’s passion to see women ready for battle is evident on each page. She wants each woman to understand who she is in Christ. The goal throughout this book is to come into the realization of the power we as women have in God’s plan. She goes through the twelve mind-sets of a warrior and uses words that end in -ity to do so. She starts with Possibility and ends with Impossibility. This may sound like a complete circle, but it completely works! I definitely recommend this book for the woman who is ready to take the next step in her walk with God, who is ready to understand her role in the overall fight and how to overcome all of the negativity that they have allowed others to fill her mind with. Women will learn how to rise up and live in the victory that was given through Jesus.

If you are ready to stand up, take up your sword and fight against the enemy, this book will help you to push past everything you don’t believe in yourself. Women, you are God’s chosen. It is time to rise up and go! Don’t let others’ opinions or words hold you back! They don’t have control anymore!

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