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I love what Dr. Leaf speaks about. She believes and proves that we can change the way our brain is wired by how we think and speak about ourselves. Also in what we allow to enter into our brain through our senses. In this well-written book, she goes into 15 different mindsets that we need to consider when figuring out how to change our lives and succeed. I found it to be very informative and at sometimes over my head. I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to discover, at a molecular level, how our brains can be rewired.

“It has been said that what we think on, we are.” This is one of the many sentences that pierced my mind and heart while reading this book. Denise did an amazing job in balancing her own personal stories of shame and helping the reader to understand how to fight shame. This is a great book for anyone who has endured shame and needs to learn how to overcome it. Denise’s story is not a pretty one but her story and the scriptures she uses will inspire you to kick shame to the curb in your own life.

I love Denise and hearing her story made me respect and love her so much more! She and her family have been to hell and back and are so strong and true warriors!

In this book, Jessica Honegger tells her story about the beginning of her company Noonday Collection. This is a beautiful story of friendship, determination and the courage that it took for everyone involved. Through reading her story, it has given me the courage I need to continue on the path I am going on. Thank you Jessica for being fearless in sharing your story with others! You are truly an inspiration!!!!

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