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This is a fantastic book for women who want to dive deeper into God’s Word despite their feelings, pasts and other obstacles in the way. Brittany Ann has a way of speaking directly to the heart of the readers. On page 21, she states, “When God speaks, people are healed, relationships are restored, and futures are redeemed.”

She speaks on the strategies to overcome every obstacle that the reader can come up with the put off spending time in God’s Word.

Every woman will benefit from reading this book and then keeping it as a resource to keep going back to. So I would recommend it to every woman.

I received an advance copy of this book.

This is an updated version of the Thrive Bible. It is beautifully laid out. It is double columned with a 8.5 text print. There is a paragraph intro to each book with some references at the bottom. 365 devotionals and daily prayers are spread throughout. The cream paper looks beautiful with the rose gold lining. The cover I received is rose gold leather with rose gold writing. I love it! There is also a hardback version available. The size is also amazing! It is smaller than most Bibles out there, so you can carry it around without feeling as though you are lifting weights.

The only 2 cons with this Bible is the print and lack of space on the page to write. At 8.5, it could be considered small for some people. If you are someone who likes to draw and write a ton in your Bibles, this layout of the Thrive Bible may not be for you.

This Bible would make an amazing gift for any woman who wants to dig deeper into God’s Word. I would definitely recommend it for any woman who wants to read it daily with the reading plan inside and the daily devotionals and prayers.

I received a copy from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

This Bible study is the first of four Courageous studies to be released this year from Dayspring. The goal of this study is to learn how to abide simply in Jesus. It is a 6 week, 5 days a week study. Each day is full of stories, Bible verses and stories to give the reader a chance to dive deeper into this topic.

I found this study to be a very helpful tool in leading me towards abiding more in Jesus. I would recommend this study to every woman who is looking to go deeper in their relationship with God and how to become more content in what they have instead of always wanting more.

To sign up for this study and get the first week for free, go to:

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