This book is a true story about a woman who was one of many babies who were sold out of a clinic in Georgia. Jane takes the reader on her journey from when she found out about her and her sister to finding out and telling the stories of others to her present state of healing. I found this book to be very interesting since this was the first I had ever heard about this. The fact that this is a true story can make it difficult to read and possibly triggering for some people. If you enjoy reading true crime stories, you will enjoy this story.

To say I love this book is putting it mildly! Gretchen has taken everything she has been doing for years with her company and put it into this book. It is so encouraging, thoughtful and full of the wisdom and understanding we all need to have as daughters of God. I recommend this to any woman who is feeling as though their relationship with God needs refreshing and also to any new believer. It will be a book that you will turn to again and again over the years!

“Rather, the well-watered life must be fought for, invested in, and tended to with love. It is the kind of life we were created to live, and it’s the kind of life Jesus came to give” (pg. 2).

This is the 3rd book written by Mo and I believe it is her best. She challenges the readers to be honest and vulnerable about how they feel about intimacy with others and God. She is not afraid to speak Biblical truth in order for someone to move closer to God. The pages of this book will inspire, encourage and help others to develop the intimacy with God that we all long for. I recommend it for any person who has a lack of understanding of what intimacy is with both other people and with God.

“Physical fruition is a manifestation of the spiritual condition” (pg. 32)